Gilead Fungal Infection Course

Report of FISF Gilead training course at Ahmedabad

FISF Gilead two days training course for students was organized on 26-27 May 2018 at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad. Drs. Arunaloke Chakrabarti, M R Shivaprakash, Rajeev Soman, Subhash Todi, Prakash Shastri, Pradip Bhattacharya and Atul Patel conducted first FISF training course. The advertisement of the course was widely circulated in local areas including postgraduate students from two medical colleges, two transplant centers in Gujarat, M.P Shah cancer Institute, Ahmedabad and ID, DNB, ISCCM students from Sterling, Apollo and Zydus Hospitals. Brochures were widely distributed in Rajasthan as well. Among 60 applications received, 50 were chosen. But 20 doctors could attend the course due to sudden strike of junior doctors at B J Medical College. Selected student’s medical specialty is shown in pie chart.

The course was run over two days with two morning induction lectures on each day, followed by two long case discussions. Post-lunch the participants were divided in four groups and each group was provided a case. The group after discussion of the case presented the diagnosis and management in front of other participants. Faculty acted as facilitators in this case discussion session. Over two days twelve cases with fungal infections were discussed. Participants’ pre & post course assessment is shown in table. Average performance of students who participated and returned course evaluation form showed improvement from 13.25 to 17.6 and 6 more students achieves > 20 score.




Post Test




Lowest score













Feedback forms were collected on both days.
Rating 1= poor, 2=indifferent, 3=useful,4= very useful, 5 can’t say


Day 1

verage Rating

Introduction to medical mycology


General principles of diagnosis


Case 1: Candida


Case 2: Mold infection in immunocompromised


Afternoon session



General Principles of IFI management




Case 1: IAC


Case 2: Mold Infection in ICU


Afternoon session



Suggestions from participants:

1.Lecture should include specific discussion

2.Let students speak more

3.Lecture of Antifungal Agents

This was the most informative session on Fungal Infections

Please do frequent seminars/educational lectures on Fungal Infections

Discussion with Dr Atul Patel Sir was like pearls of Clinical Medicine

7.Afternoon sessions improved our thought process of approach to case

8.Entire sessions were perfect, got to learn many new things in much different manner

9.Great experience showcases by FISF experts, enjoyed case discussion

10.Suggestion about study material regarding fungal infection

11.lectures could have been a little slower and the level of the knowledge in morning lectures could have been lower.

12.Guide regarding short limited reading material in fungal infections, if possible

13.need more basic fungal diagnostic with applied aspect

14.Morning diagnostic lecture can be made more interactive

15.The group exercise was very good idea to discuss many issues of fungal infection. But only drawback was that we, students can’t discuss many points which were above our understanding

16.All were excellent today

17.Very interactive discussion sessions

18.Very nice experience with thorough understanding of fungus

19.Study material about topics would have been given in advance

20.More pediatric cases should also be discussed as in PICU, NICU

21.The afternoon cases teach us How to approach a case, excellent teaching by all faculty members. The questions to the person presenting case were much beyond the knowledge expected.

22.Kindly give some reading material related to conference topics

23.Provide some preparatory resource before the course for better understanding next time

24.Thank you for enlightening on clinical pharmacology of antifungal drugs