a) The Founder shall stand possessed of the said property of corpus and such other properties (Both Movable and Immovable) as may be acquired from time to time by the Trust by purchase, exchange, grant subscription, endowment, donation, contribution, wills or in any manner what so ever (all of which shall be designated as The Trust properties)

b) The Founder /Settler shall have power to deposit the trust moneys or any portion thereof in any Nationalized or Scheduled Bank or Banks either by way of fixed Deposit or in saving Account to be operated by the Managing Founder/Settler along with one of the Trustee Shivaprakash Mandya Rudramurthy

c) The Trust moneys shall not be invested with any private Individuals or firm or association of persons or body of individuals.

d) That if any of the existing Trustees resigns then any new Trustee may be added as substitute only by approval of the remaining Founder /Settler.

e) That all the power and rights of the Founder /Settler terminate/Admition the any Trustees for not attends the three meeting.

f) In case of death, inability, resignation or refusal on the part of any trustee to act as such trustee, the remaining Founder/settler shall be entitled to nominate any person from their family only as they may think fit and proper to act as trustee in place of the trustee so dying, refusing to act or being unable to act, Provided that the trustees so appointed will have the same powers and rights as if he was originally appointed the trustee under these presents.

g) To give provide and /or render food, medicine and other help and/or assistance in any shape or form to the poor, deserving and needy persons.

h) To give, provide and /or render monetary and /or other help and assistance for the relief of persons and animals affected by natural and /or other clematis such as flood, fire drought, epidemic, unbearable cost of living and alike, to give donations, subscriptions or contributions to institutions, establishments, centers of persons doing relief works on such occasions.

i) The financial year of the Trust shall be ended on 31st March every year unless the same is being changed by the Board of Trustees.

j) The Founder /Settler shall from time to time after meeting the expenses of and incidental to the management of the Trust properties and of the Trust decide the particular objects, for which the income of corpus of the Trust Fund or properties for the time being available shall be applied.

k) To authorize any one or more Trustees to hold any property or any fund or any investment of the Trust, subject to such terms and conditions, rules and regulations, as the Board of Trustees may from time to time think fit and proper.

l) To spend any portion of the corpus or the income of the Trust Fund for purchasing any land and/or constructing any building or buildings for and in the name of the Trust for the purpose of carrying out, promoting and/or security any or all of the subjects of the Trust.

m) The Trustees may invest the Trust Funds/Estate in such a manner as allowed by law, as may be in force from time to time.

n) The Trustees shall be at liberty to sell such properties or portions of the movable or immovable properties forming part of Trust Estate on such terms and conditions as the Trustees may deem fit for benefit of the Trust, but entire sale proceeds will be invested for the expansion and betterment of the Trust only.

o)The Trustees may appoint Secretaries, Managers, Lawyers, Solicitors, Auditors, Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, or other employees for the purpose of management and supervision of the Trust Estate, for collection of rents, effects and profits, for keeping the accounts and records and for other purpose of the Trust.

p)The Founder /Settler may establish office of the Trust at such place or places and may change such places for time to time as they may think fit.

q) The Founder /Settler may from time to time frame schemes, rules and regulations to carry out the objects of the Trust and for managing the affairs of the Trust and otherwise for giving effect to the objects and purposes of the Trust and to vary the same from time to time as the Trustees may in their discretion deem fit and proper.

r) The Founder /Settler shall be entitled at their discretion from time to time to start, discontinue, abolish and re-start any charity or charitable institution, to impose any condition or conditions to any subscription or donation made by them and to earmark any portion of the Trust property or income for any particular object or objects.

s) All the Trustees shall unless they voluntarily resign or otherwise decide continue to be the Trustees during the term of their natural lives.

t) Any Trustee may retire at any time without assigning any reason and without being responsible for any costs occasioned by retirement.

u) The number of Trustees shall not be less than Two and not more than Twenty One.

v) It is being understood that objects of the Society will not include objects involving the carrying on of any activity for profit within the meaning of the provision of the Income-Tax Section 99(5) and 11(5) Acts, 1961.

Functions of the trust:

Conduct educational activities including CMEs, Master Classes, Workshops independently or part of any scientific bodies

Increasing awareness and competence either independently or with scientific bodies

Develop country specific management and other guidelines for IFIs

Undertake epidemiological studies on IFIs independently or become part of other studies

Conduct studies on the development or validation of diagnostic tests for IFIs

Conduct sound clinical studies including trials for IFIs independently as investigator initiated project (with Industry or Government or Institutional support)

Development of country specific management and other guidelines for IFIs independent of any particular industry

Encourage and assist in the publication of monographs and text in the field of fungal infections.

Prepare, edit, publish, issues, magazines, journals, books, text books, periodicals, circulars, and other literary work and undertakings in the field of fungal infections

To affiliate the trust to other international organizations engaged in similar activities

To establish, provide, maintain and conduct research institutes and other laboratories connected directly with the society for education and research

The objects of the trust extend to the territories within and outside Union of India

To apply to the Government, public bodies, urban, local municipal, district and other bodies, corporation, companies, or other persons for and to accept grants of money, donations, gifts and other assistance with a view to promote the objectives of the society

To secure good relations, assist, and give guidance to the members of the trust

To pay all expenses preliminary or incidental to the setting up of the trust and its registration

To arrange for the trust to be registered or recognized in any part of the world.