Aims and Objective


To undertake epidemiological and clinical studies maintaining the scientific integrity and validity, propose country-specific management guidelines, and organize education activities.


  • To conduct educational activities including CMEs, Master Classes, Workshops independently or part of any scientific bodies – Increasing awareness and competence either independently or with scientific bodies
  • To undertake epidemiological studies on Invasive Fungal Infections (IFIs) independently or become part of other studies
  • To conduct sound clinical studies including trials for IFIs independently as investigator initiated project (with Industry or Government or Institutional support)
  • Development of country specific management and other guidelines for IFIs independent of any particular industry
  • To encourage and assist in the publication of monographs and text in the field of fungal infections.
  • To prepare, edit, publish, issues, magazines, journals, books, text books, periodicals, circulars, and other literary work and undertakings in the field of fungal infections
  • To affiliate the trust to other international organizations engaged in similar activities